A&I Fire and Water Restoration


The Modernization and Growth of a Regional Power

When Disaster Strikes – Count On A&I

A successful company for over 40 years makes a decision to expand their reach fueled by extraordinary growth throughout the southeast region. They look to modernize their brand while maintaining the advantage of years of personal relationships with their customers. Following months of interviews and consulting with selective agencies to communicate their presence to new markets, LUNDY was awarded the opportunity to help them define their purpose, modernize their image, and help their company grow.

Lundy created dynamic and modern imagery for the company that stayed true to its culture and beliefs. Building off of their exceptional reputation, a strategy developed to modernize the brand, project a personal identity, and communicate a better understanding of the benefits they provide their customers. The brand message was personal and focused on the needs of their clients. Lundy used real life experiences designed to bring to life the personal commitment between A&I and their customer at the time of their greatest need. A&I was communicated as a trusted source in fire and water restoration with years of experience, understanding the area better than their competitors, and having better response times to their needs. The effect has captured the hearts and the support of the community.



A&I - The Southeastern Regional Leader in Fire and Water Restoration