Brittain Law


Raising the Bar

Born to Fight, Bred To Win

Thomas C. Brittain is one of America’s top trial lawyers. He leaves a prestigious and highly successful law firm to join with his children, who have followed in his footsteps to form a new firm. Following a referral, he contacted the LUNDY Agency to request a meeting to discuss an advertising campaign to increase market awareness for his new firm. He wanted to set a new standard to challenge the way law firms are typically perceived.

Exhibit A. Identity

Lundy was requested to propose an advertising platform to help the firm realize their marketing objective. The engagement started with a conversation about the group, challenges they were facing, and expectations for each individual member of the firm. It was quickly realized that this was not an advertising campaign at all. It was an opportunity to create a unique and special platform that could change the way law firms communicated their strengths and values through emotional connections with their clients. This would eventually set the stage for how all law firms could achieve a higher level of marketing success.

Brittain Law was repositioned from the position of a family law firm to become a unique legal team driven by one of the most powerful connections – the power of family. The concept centered on, “Fighting for your rights is my family’s business.” This epic and groundbreaking work immediately created industry differentiation. It evolved into an emotional brand experience shaped through multiple channels to align with values clients care about. The tagline, “Born to Fight, Bred to Win”, was commissioned through every touch point to become points that achieved solutions and invited connection for everyone it touched.

Exhibit B. Website

Exhibit C. Stationery

The Brittain Law campaign was ceremoniously unveiled at Super Bowl Halftime

Exhibit D. Presentation Folder