Dick's Pawn Superstore


Setting a New Industry Standard

The Ultimate Pawn Experience

The pawn industry has been in existence for centuries. Throughout the development of the new world, it has been a part of history as an accepted method of needed finances for people and companies. It is believed Queen Isabella pawned the Royal Jewelry to finance Christopher Columbus and his journey to the new world. Today, however, the pawn industry is often reviewed with skepticism. LUNDY was requested to help change the perception of a local pawn company with intent to captivate a community and promote a positive business image to help them grow their business.


The company was renamed Dick’s Pawn Superstore. Led by the creation and imagery of a new super hero based upon revered comic heroes, Super Dick was born as “the protector of evil retail prices” and would become the focal point of an imaginative marketing campaign to increase awareness of the brand. “Why pay retail when you can buy for less at Dick’s Pawn Superstore?” The campaign featured the incredible powers of our super hero along with actual interviews with Dick’s Pawn customers. The impact of the new brand experience was immediate and positive on every level. Dick’s Pawn Superstore has grown to over 100,000 square feet of retail space.