Street Safe


Life Saving Driving Experience

Don’t Let Your Child Become A Statistic

The Street Safe, Life Saving Driving Experience, is a not-for-profit program to teach young and inexperienced drivers to become safer and more responsible drivers. It was the idea of a retired police officer that had a passionate desire to help save kids’ lives from the tragedies he had too often witnessed from automobile injuries. Seeking help from multiple advertising agencies, the program was unable to gain any traction. Yet, there had to be a way to reach families and make a real difference. With a program in need, LUNDY was requested to help revitalize the program. Finding a way would soon become a reality.


The Lundy Agency understood from the beginning the difficulty of getting donors to participate when they didn’t understand what the program stood for and what the value was. In turn, Street Safe was positioned as a life-saving experience and not a driving school to capture the hearts of parents and compel them not to allow their children to become a statistic. A redesigned logo helped set an emotional tone. A highway leading through a heart and an awareness program was designed to gain support and funding. The critical moment came when Street Safe caught the attention of the North Carolina Governors Highway Safety Program. With their support and the supervision of active police and fire department personnel throughout the state, the success of the program became a reality.


Street Safe continues to expand Throughout The East Coast