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The Future of Medicine

Optimize Your Life

A brilliant young doctor pursues her vision of a new dimension in medical practice.The top medical schools in the country are utilizing a new direction in medical treatment by combining traditional primary care with a preventative approach that improves the quality and longevity of life through anti-aging and regenerative medicine. The focus is on preventative, personal health, rather than the traditional method of treating the onset of an illness or disease. LUNDY was commissioned to create a new brand from scratch. The brand was positioned as one of the first medical practices to deliver this new dimension in medicine on the practitioner level.


The challenge was to identify the medical segment for the practice to operate within by positioning it to connect with potential clients in a personal way. “Optimize Your Life” was the perfect choice to define the segment and to take advantage of generations of individuals searching for the ability to maintain or improve physiological, psychological, and structural balance in their lives.The process utilizes an educational format, visual identity, and content describing the benefits of the practice to men and women. Lundy created the name, identity, and positioning of the brand followed by the development of an advertising strategy and campaign to grow the practice.



The success of the practice and the brand has been Nothing Less Than Extraordinary

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